When the boss first mentioned that we were going to be required to wear uniforms in the future, I was a rebel!

“No, no, I can’t do that, I’m way too much of an individual.  And being diverse is what we are all about.  We have something for everyone!”

But when it came down to it, I needed my paycheck and I do LOVE my job, so I slid into my khakis and polo shirt, just like the rest of the staff.

It was not all bad.

  1. I do save money on clothes.  I’m at work more than anywhere else, so it’s a noticeable savings.
  2. Wearing a uniform saves lots of time.  In my pre-uniform days, I’d open my closet and wait to see which outfit screamed, “wear ME!”

But it’s not all good.

  1. How “uniform” is it really, if you have a choice of 2 colors of pants and 3 colors of shirts?
  2. If you look up the word “drab” in the dictionary, you will see a picture of my uniform.   And they look so librarian-ish.

But still, it’s a free world and I could quit if wearing a uniform is such an earth shattering problem.  I’ll just keep sliding into that uniform.

pinkBut in my dirty little librarian mind, I’m rockin a pink sequin mini-skirt with a tiara………….

Do you wear a uniform at work?  Is it a good thing?